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How can you benefit from choosing us?

Increase of sales at your shop

Our purpose is supporting our partners in achieving above average results in sales.


You can always depend on us.


You do not need to worry about on time deliveries and their quality

Strategic partner

We are not just another fashion brand but an organization that cares for your business growth

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How do we work?

  • Conversation

    We get to know each other through conversation. You are asked on what is important for your business. We look for the solution that allows you to experience the quality of our collection by touching the fabrics and checking sewing quality.
  • Orders

    When we know what is important for you, we are ready to create a proposal for your store. We can advise on what to choose basing on our know-how. Every store is different so obviously it is always you who makes a choice. We do our best to support you in selling our collections immediately after you receive them. We want your Clients to come back and ask for Domino Styl and spread the news about your shop among their friends.
  • Delivery

    Apparel is delivered by courier to the place that you have chosen before. Every item is delivered with a hanger and wraped in foil that protects model from crumpling. Before we do send fashion items we inform you what amount of money will be necessary to pay at delivery. We attach also a printed version of cataloque, and samples of fabrics so that you could see other colour options and show it to your Clients.
  • Regular collaboration

    We do visit our Clients in Eastern and Central Europe in order to discuss fashion trends and receive feedback so that we can together prepare for the upcoming season. Naturally, there is a possibility to place an order at that time. During the season majority of orders is placed by phone or email. On Customer request we deliver also electronic version of cataloque and share information on availability of given items.
  • Key point!

    For a numerous Customers we create customized models that are not sold to any other store. You have a wide choice of fabrics, colours and patterns that are used. We do that so that your Clients could be amazed by the fashion that they try on in store.
  • What you cannot find elsewhere

    While collaborating with Domino Styl you receive professional support in marketing and sales from Lark Business Consulting. As a result you can get valuable hints that will help you achieve even better results.

Are you looking for a reliable supplier who can significantly support sales at your store?