Want to Open the Plus Size Store? – Pay Attention to 5 Factors

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How to Effectively Sell XXL Clothing in a Store? 4 Hints
3 October 2017
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When you finally decide to set up a plus size clothing store, pay attention to the key aspects of running such a business.

1. Shop plus size – location is the most important

Surely, the most important point. If you rent a shop at a point where it is not easy to park or is far from the center or there is no public transport there, you automatically lose the chance for a decent profit. Naturally, renting a trading spot in a good location can be costly, but without that it’s very hard to achieve success in the market.


2. Marketing

An important element is to accurately plan how you will reach out your customers. Sending SMS? Social media? Advertising in newspapers? There are many options. At the same time, it is certainly worth to take care of the appropriate sign of the shop outside, so that from afar, passing people know what they can find inside. It is also worth noting that it is a plus size shop, not a place with standard women’s clothing. Also, if you count how many hours a year it is dark, you will see how important it is to have light banners. They give customers the chance to discover your point especially in the winter when the nights are long.


3. Customer Service

Make sure this item is at the highest level. At the beginning of the activity, the key is to create a situation in which the clients want to return because they see it worthwhile. The clothes you sell are often just one of the reasons. Check out the article, where I give examples of professional behavior: http://dominostyl.com/2017/08/14/odziez-xxl/


4. Manufacturers

Choose suppliers who will be able to provide plus size clothing on a regular basis. There is nothing worse than the lack of availability of the model that your clients are asking for. Money is running away from you.


It is also worth checking to see if the manufacturer produces clothes of different size table relative to other companies. Precise size will be appreciated by the clients. In the end, each woman prefers to wear, for example, 52 instead of 56.


However, the key is the experience of sewing in large sizes. Why? Because ladies who wear large size often have different requirements. For example, many manufacturers who want to sew blouses in sizes over 54 have too narrow sleeves. Imagine that for 10 ladies who measure blouse 5 can not fit their shoulders or the sleeves look unattractive on them. Find businesses whose blouses in 9 out of 10 cases will fit your customers.


5. XXL shop in the middle

Collections should be sorted according to the size, not models and colors. A woman in size 56 entering the shop is just looking for what she can get for herself. She does not look for beautiful trousers that are only available in sizes up to 54. Therefore if you head to a hanger where its size is on one hand it will have comfort because everything is in one place and on the other hand, you avoid the question “is size 56 available?” and the need to answer it.


Turn on delicate music. Take care of cleanliness, neatness and fresh smell. Let the fitting room have hooks and enough space. Let your clients feel comfortable and your plus size clothing store will be well-known in the area.

Dominik Skowroński
Dominik Skowroński
Sales Director in Domino Styl. Consultant in Lark Business Consulting. Expert in areas of sales and marketing. Certified business trainer.

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